Skyline Disruptors 1 & 2, 2023, steel, UV print on acrylic, hardware

Public Installation

Green Interior, Limpid Model, Sighted, 2021, Galvanized Steel, Enamel, LCD screen, Single channel video (1:57" looped, no audio), hardware, 34”x22”x17”

Accountability Vectors, 2021, Galvanized Steel, UV print on acrylic, stainless steel address number, plumb bob, galvanized chain, steel grommets, various epoxies, pigment, plastic cup, clay, construction detritus, hardware, 48.5”x 29.5”x 16”

Dry Goods and Seasons of Vision II, 2022, Wood, Oats, Cheerios, Gravel, Acrylic paints, Hardware

Hinged River Asymptote, 2022, Wood, Acrylic and Latex Paints, Hardware

Red Ornament #1 , 2021, steel, HDPE, air-dry clay, 65.5” x 14”x 8”

"Utterances" group exhibition at NARS Foundation, curated by Elisa Gutiérrez

Endless Reach, with Devin Balara at Atlanta Contemporary, November 2021-January 2022

Duoscape II, Exploded View, 2021, Powder-coated steel, UV print on acrylic panel, bronze acrylic, pigmented hydrocal, air-dry clay, adhesives, 30”x23”x16”

Duoscape I (I Can Move Words), 2021, Powder-coated Steel, UV photographic print on acrylic panel, pigmented hydrocal, hardware, 37”x19”x8”

Holos 4/Googling Yourself to Know Yourself, 2021, Bronzed Acrylic, Powder coated steel, Wood, Clay, Neodymium magnets, enamel, hardware

It Hurts Bc it's Cold, 2021, steel, enamel, UV print on Acrylic, 40.5" x 28" x 34"

How End Is Never?, 2021, Brushed steel, Found Beads, Found Pecan, Cast Pecan, 42" x 24" x 48"

Poor Model for Exaggerated Time, 2021, MDF, Powder coated steel, plaster, LCD screen, Three-channel video (no audio, looped) 45"x 28"x 34"

Thinkable, Knowable, Throwable, 2021, hand-carved MDF, steel, leather watch straps (two different sizes and styles), inkjet print, hardware

An Imperfect Offering, A Windowless Room (Skeeeedaddle!), 2021, Hand-cut MDF, inkjet print, steel, wax, tin can, pencil with lead replaced with steel, hardware and adhesives, 36.5"x26"x8"

Sunset, SMS, Bits and Bits, 2010/2020, MDF Frame, Plexi, Photograph pulled from artist's first iPhone circa 2010 of sunset from car with torn window tint, pencil with bite marks sanded out, adhesives and hardware 21"x17"x1.25"

Monoscapes and Duoscapes, MDF, stainless steel, inkjet print, leather watchstrap, plaster, brass, adhesives and hardwares, 25.5" x 8" x 5.5"

Console, Console (Diptych), 2020, Parametric speakers, speaker wire, proprietary amplifier, two-channel audio of commissioned Call of Duty players singing "Islands in the Stream" by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton (3:46"), OLED screens with micro controllers, three-channel bitmap animation of the same meteorite caught on three doorbell cameras crossing the Midwestern US, custom code, various adhesives and hardware

Listen to two-channel audio

Quarter Lever, 2019-2020, vintage silver gelatin photograph, epoxied potato chip, air wedges, pvc tubing and connectors, acrylic, aftermarket valve cover for 1957 Chevrolet, screen (HD video 01:27" looped, no audio), pneumatic pump, micro-controller, turnbuckles, miscellaneous hardware, miscellaneous wiring and cordage, various epoxy and adhesive, dimensions variable

The Measured (Im)possibility of a Sympathetic Note, 2019, Laser-etched glass, Archival inkjet print, 3rd generation iPod headphones, stainless-steel washers, aftermarket window tint, various hardware and adhesives, 44"x 38"x.375"

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