The Measured (Im)possibility of a Sympathetic Note, 2019, Laser-etched glass, Archival inkjet print, 3rd generation iPod headphones, stainless-steel washers, aftermarket window tint (5%), various hardware and adhesives, 44"x 38"x.375"

Ride, Ride, Ride, Ride, Ride, 2019, Fully functional window AC unit, Tolex, Piping, Speaker cloth, Inherited photograph made by paternal grandfather circa 1946, Construction adhesive, MDF, Epoxy, Various Hardware, 29"x16"x12.5"

Field Study #1 (Instasquare™, Squareblur™, PicEditor Lite™), 2018, Archival Inkjet Print in artist's frames

Bend, Pull, Slide, Hammer, 2018, Plaster casting from "Black Sabbath" sidewalk drawing found in front of artist's previous apartment, speakers, chromatic tuners, audio 2:44" looped

Trichromat, or Kano's Eye, 2019, LED infrared motion-activated security light, Samigon 25A red photographic filter, heat shrink cable patch, solder, construction adhesive, 12" x 7" x 8"

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