Shaking/ Giggling, 2018

 Multimedia Installation; 8:51" Looped

Vinyl, Video Projection, No Audio  

Three pairs of feet in clean, white Converse shoes tap in and out of synchronicity. The image is processed in a way that speeds and slows the movements of the feet in a smooth and seamless manner, as an attempt to re-frame this ubiquitous habit as a moment of elegance and connectivity, and a way of seeing the body operate with seemingly mechanical precision. 

The slumped wooden form plays on the image of a homemade jump ramp--made popular in the 1970's for skateboard use in the suburbs, which eventually became an essential icon of the subculture.

The faux-wooden form becomes a mirroring of surfaces, appearances, and tensions that then melt off the wall and onto the gallery floor.

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