Console, Console (Diptych), 2020, Parametric speakers, speaker wire, proprietary amplifier, two-channel audio, OLED screens with micro controllers, three-channel bitmap animation, custom code, various adhesives and hardware

I solicited two Call of Duty players via Reddit and paid them to perform "Islands in the Stream" by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton during online game play. The performers' respective voices are played through ultrasonic parametric speakers, which project sound in a unilateral, isolated beam. The specific model is commonly deployed in commercial settings, but are not unlike the LRAD emitter-devices used in sonic warfare. The voices are isolated in L and R stereo so that the listener/viewer can only complete the "duet" by positioning themselves at the intersection of both beams, opposite from the corner of the space.

Additionally, three 1" OLED screens are inlaid into the gallery wall and play custom code-generated bitmap animations in a three-channel loop, the imagery consisting of a single meteorite caught in three different doorbell cameras in differing locations while crossing the Midwestern U.S. sky. The footage is sourced and ripped from user-uploaded footage found on Twitter and Youtube.

Listen to two-channel audio

Apart of Teachable Moment group exhibition, at Stoveworks, in Chattanooga, TN.

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