Bend, Pull, Slide, Hammer, 2018, Plaster casting from "Black Sabbath" sidewalk drawing found in front of artist's previous apartment, embedded speakers, chromatic tuners, audio 2:44" looped

A sidewalk drawing reading "Black Sabbath" is cast just as it was found into a large plaster mass with embedded speakers playing a  commissioned audio piece of a man performing/singing the notes D, A, and F#. Recorded blindly and without a reference, the pitch and harmony of the three notes oscillate somewhere between a fragmented, imperfect, and at times successful performance of the voice. Chromatic guitar tuners are placed nearby, reading off the wavering notes as they interfere with one another, offering a brief visual reference to the temporal and affective dimensions of the sonic and harmonic. 

The D chord is of particular importance in the formation of a heavy guitar sound, producing something one chromatic step lower than traditional and Westernized rock-n-roll tone. The simple loosening of tension on the strings created and/or proposed a new frequency and paradigm, mapping itself onto the psychology of many American youths and identities.  

Seen When Spoken at Skylab Gallery, Columbus, OH, with Jessica Clay

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