Quarter Lever, 2019-2020, vintage silver gelatin photograph, epoxied potato chip, air wedges, pvc tubing and connectors, acrylic, aftermarket valve cover for 1957 Chevrolet, screen (HD video 01:27" looped, no audio), electromechanics, micro- controller, machined hardware, turnbuckles, miscellaneous hardware, miscellaneous wiring and cordage, various epoxy and adhesive, dimensions variable

A pneumatic pump and electromechanics aids in suspending pvc air wedge bladders, a crushed potato chip, and a photograph made by my paternal grandfather in between two sheets of clear acrylic through tension alone. Air is pumped in for an interval of time while a solenoid valve allows a subsequent release, creating the visual effect of a lung. A chromed valve cover to a ‘57 Chevy is mounted intricately above the left turnbuckle, where a screen is mounted playing a video piece. The performer, a former football player, has his respiration articulated by the spinning of a fan mounted within a mouthguard that is manufactured and available for athletes today.

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